Remarks by

The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Delivered in her Stead by

The Honourable Richard Chartier

Administrator of the Government / Chief Justice of Manitoba

Thursday, October 28, 2021

As you may know, our Lieutenant Governor had a recent fall resulting in hip surgery, and is very disappointed to have had to send her regrets for not being able to preside over this afternoon’s investiture ceremony, but she is very much looking forward to hosting us all for dinner at Government House following today’s ceremony.

The Lieutenant Governor has asked me to convey to you, the following words: Friends, neighbours, fellow Manitobans – words can’t express what a pleasure it is to celebrate leadership and community spirit.  And for the inspiration you, our new recipients, bring to all Manitobans.

Manitoba has a long tradition as a place where different peoples have come together to share their ideas and understanding. Progress toward a society that provides all its members with equal opportunities has been uneven but has moved steadily forward.

The twelve individuals we celebrate today personify that journey of learning and sharing we have taken together.

The Order of Manitoba was established in 1999 to honour Manitobans who have enriched the social, cultural or economic well-being of our province and its people through their achievements and dedication to excellence.

L’Ordre du Manitoba a été créé pour rendre hommage aux citoyens qui ont fait preuve d’excellence et qui se sont distingués par leurs réalisations, enrichissant ainsi le bien-être social, culturel ou économique de la province et de ses résidents.  Ces femmes et ces hommes exceptionnels qui vont recevoir l’Ordre du Manitoba nous inspirent tous et renforcent le fait que nous avons tous le pouvoir de changer les choses.

Members of the Order of Manitoba contribute to our province in countless ways.  They lead businesses and institutions that create jobs and build prosperity. They make our social, educational and cultural organizations stronger and more responsive to public needs.

They inspire us with their imagination and creativity. They advance knowledge through research and experimentation. They work – often quietly – throughout the community to ensure that all Manitobans have the opportunity to benefit from the good things many of us take for granted.

What they have in common is openness. They are open to ideas and information, ready to take on a challenge, willing to accept the responsibilities of leadership.

In the many communities, industries and fields of endeavor where Order of Manitoba members have made an impact, these women and men have accepted the mantle of leadership.  They have listened to others – to clients, customers, colleagues, audience members, neighbours – and identified the questions that need answers, the problems that need solutions, the opportunities that need to be seized, the dreams that need to come to life.

The spirit of community and passion for leadership these individuals represent have served Manitoba well in good times and especially in challenging times.

Members of the Order of Manitoba help to inspire the commitment to community that has been expressed across our province, in the way so many Manitobans have risen to the occasion in the last year and a half.  By inspiring community spirit in others, these Manitobans have multiplied their already remarkable positive impact on our province.

I thank each of the new members for their contributions and for the example they have set. Congratulations and wear the initials O.M with pride.

So says the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, and so say we all.  Thank you.  Merci.  Meegwich.