Remarks by
The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.
Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Brodie Centre727 McDermott Avenue
Thursday, May 23, 2019 – 10:00 a.m.

Healers, teachers, scientists, faculty, staff and graduates of the Max Rady College of Medicine, thank you for the chance to share in this memorable day.

I begin by acknowledging that the Anishinaabe and Metis people lived here long before this place became Winnipeg. This city remains home to the largest Indigenous community in Canada.

We have come together today to celebrate years of hard work that have allowed you to acquire hard-won knowledge and analytical skills. Equally we celebrate the personal growth you’ve gone through in developing empathy and understanding of the human condition.

In the years to come, wherever your careers take you, you will continue down that road, always learning, always growing.

Whatever aspect of medicine you focus on, you will have many learning experiences as you begin your careers. One of them will be learning what it’s like to be looked up to.

Whether you always feel this way or not, you’ll be seen by others as an expert, as a person with life-saving skills and knowledge.

You go out into the world in a leadership position. Your words and actions will have the power to inspire others to take action and make changes.

That can be a challenge. But it’s also an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to find meaning through making a positive impact. It’s an opportunity to find inspiration through working with others. It’s an opportunity to embrace life fully.

I know that you will continue to develop your knowledge as medical science advances and new treatments and technologies come into existence.

But I urge you to continue to develop your empathy and understanding by listening, by getting involved in your community, by embracing all that our province, our nation or our world has to offer.
Your world needs the abilities you bring to it. You will find you need the inspiration that comes from being fully engaged in your world.

Congratulations on this great accomplishment. May your passion, curiosity and dedication bring you many more.

Thank you. Merci. Meegwich.