Remarks by

The Honourable Janice C. Filmon, C.M., O.M.

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

 Thursday, September 16



Dear friends, Manitobans, custodians of our understanding and nurturers of the flames of learning – welcome to the 2021 Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Historical Preservation and Promotion.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Government House – located in the heart of Winnipeg – on Treaty One land, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, and the homeland of the Metis people. We strive for respectful partnerships with all the peoples of this province, as we search for collective healing and true reconciliation and honour this beautiful land together.

It’s been said that we live our lives moving forward in time, but we can only understand them when we look backwards.

That’s true on a personal level, when we try to understand the significance of our individual actions and decisions.

But it’s also true on a collective level.

We look back on the events of last week, last year or last century and see how our current situation has been shaped and why the road and the choices ahead of us look like they do.

Les personnes à qui sont décernés ces prix pour la préservation et la promotion du patrimoine historique ont consacré des décennies de leur vie – leur énergie, leur expertise et leur créativité – à la préservation et à la promotion des ressources qui nous permettent d’examiner le passé.

The individuals selected to receive these awards for historical preservation and promotion have devoted decades of their lives – their energy, their expertise and their creativity – to preserving and promoting the resources that make that possible.

They have built and maintained archives, where countless stories of the past lie in print. They have advocated for, restored and maintained the buildings of the past, which are a kind of three-dimensional archive of stories.

Award recipients have built relationships with organizations and institutions representing the cultural diversity and history of our province. And they have helped children and adults to see that our world is the product of a long and complex history.

Life is about choices. The individuals recognized today have made the choice to dedicate themselves to understanding our past and our present. They help us understand the choices previous generations made and the consequences of those choices.

And in doing so, they help us consider the choices we must make today and in the future.

Susan, James, Gilles – Thank you for helping us find our way by seeing where we’ve come from.