Remarks by
The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.
Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Fort Garry Hotel
Thursday, January 30, 2020 – 6:30 p.m.

Friends, Manitobans, builders of a better province and world, welcome to this celebration of leadership and of a new generation full of accomplishments and promise.

We are gathered on Treaty One land, on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and the homeland of the Metis people.

I acknowledging that the Anishinaabe and Metis people lived here long before this place became known as Manitoba. And our province remains home to a large and vibrant Indigenous community.

We live in a province with a number of nicknames and slogans. Manitoba is the Keystone Province. It’s Friendly Manitoba. We’re at the Heart of the Continent.

Those phrases illustrate what we’re celebrating tonight.

Just as the keystone in an arch holds the structure together, leaders play that role in holding organizations and societies together.

Visitors to Friendly Manitoba often say that the smiling people they meet make them feel welcome here. That’s an important aspect of leadership – allowing others to feel that their presence and contributions are valued.

When we call Manitoba the Heart of the Continent, we’re referring not just to our central location but to our tradition of caring. And caring is an essential aspect of leadership because the most effective leaders lead with their hearts.

So tonight, as we recognize nine extraordinary young Manitobans, we’re also celebrating what is best about the province we call home.

And we’re acknowledging that people like tonight’s honorees help make our province the place we want it to be.

This year will be filled with many exciting and inspiring events as we commemorate Manitoba’s 150th anniversary as a province.

All year we’ll think about what we love about Manitoba and reflect on the generations of Manitobans who have made this place what it is today.

As we celebrate Manitoba’s first 150 years, we can take great comfort in seeing that our province’s future is in good hands.

Thank you to all of tonight’s honorees for your community service, professional contributions and advocacy of Manitoba and Manitobans. Congratulations and enjoy this special evening.

Merci. Meegwich.