Remarks by

The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

 Monday, August 15, 2022

Government House

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Government House, here in the heart of Treaty One land, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, and the homeland of the Red River Metis. We strive for respectful partnerships with all the peoples of this province, as we search for collective healing and true reconciliation and honour this beautiful land together.

A shared understanding is essential to building partnerships and to creating nations that better serve their people.

We must inhabit a common reality if we wish to arrive at solutions through a process of debate and advocacy.

As delegates to the Hansard Association of Canada conference and as professionals in legislative debate reporting, you carry on a vital tradition that is more than two centuries old.

Accurate and complete records of parliamentary debate ensure that our elected officials are accountable. They ensure that the business of the people is carried out in view of the people. They preserve the insights of the past – along with mistakes from which we are able to draw lessons.

None of that is possible without the hard work of professionals dedicated to ensuring that these records are kept, and distributed promptly and accurately – a job no doubt made increasingly complex as expectations for instant access to information have grown throughout society.

What a gift to be able to share experiences and insights in person with colleagues from across Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. You will cultivate valuable connections, and friendships, that will provide you with even more tools to do this essential job.

I hope that throughout the conference you will be reminded that the work you do really is the lifeblood of democracy – and that you are therefore right at the heart of the system of government that is still the best hope of the world.

I am especially proud to be able to host you in the year when Canada has been celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of Her Majesty’s exceptional reign.

Since the official anniversary of her accession to the throne on February 6th, we have been recognizing and honouring Her Majesty’s steadfast leadership and devoted public service with which she has guided Her loyal subjects throughout the Commonwealth for the past seven decades.

In that spirit, I recognize and honour the public service you provide – at whichever national, provincial or territorial parliamentary body you serve.

I understand you will have opportunity to tour our magnificent Legislative Building tomorrow.

Now in its 102nd year, this beautiful building, with our beloved Golden Boy on top the dome, has been a symbol of democratic strength, and a source of pride for all Manitobans.

The true monument of democracy however, is the preservation of the words uttered by the men and women who enact public business within those hallowed halls.

I wish you an exciting and productive conference, thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy your time in Friendly Manitoba.

Thank you. Merci. Meegwich.