Message from Her Majesty The Queen to the people of Canada on the COVID-19 pandemic

 April 5, 2020

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, shared a message addressed to all Canadians from Her Majesty The Queen:

“As the people of Canada experience profound and rapid changes to their lives, we are all concerned about the future. It may be difficult to remain hopeful when faced with loss and uncertainty, but Canadians have many reasons for optimism, even in the most trying times.

Across Canada, countless people continue to care for the most vulnerable and to provide essential services for their fellow citizens. I am thankful for their dedication and for the hope it offers.

In the coming weeks and months, the people of Canada will need to continue to work together to ensure the health and vitality of our communities. I know that Canadians will remain optimistic and will rise to the challenges ahead.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Canada at this time.”

Elizabeth R.

Message from Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada on the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Today, countries around the world, including within the Commonwealth family, received a message of hope and determination from Her Majesty the Queen.

Her life and reign has borne witness to history unfolding, and for many, seeing and hearing her – regardless of where we are in the world – is a sign of comfort and hope.

On behalf of Canada, we thank Her Majesty for reminding us that the world can, and will, face this challenge with bravery, resolve and kindness.

And let us remember that in these turbulent times, it is absolutely essential to stay the course, to not get discouraged, and to continue to do our part. It is important to hold fast to news that gives us hope and to the lifelines that are all around us:  people who have recovered, the stories of mutual aid and solidarity from every part of Canada, the steadfastness of our public officers, the courage and dedication of our health care professionals.  Together, they represent our collective resilience. Thank you to all who are making a difference.”

Julie Payette