Sir James Albert Manning Aikins
Sir James Albert Manning Aikins Archives of Manitoba: Aikins, James Albert 3 (12656)

Term of Office: 3 August 1916 – 9 October 1926
Born: Grahamsville, Ontario, 10 December 1851
Died: Winnipeg, Manitoba 1 March 1929

  • Son of James Cox Aikins, Manitoba’s 4th Lieutenant- Governor.
  • Educated at Upper Canada College and University of Toronto.
  • Called to the Ontario bar in 1878 but chose to relocate in Winnipeg the following year; called to the Manitoba bar 1879.
  • Counsel for Department of Justice 1879-96.
  • Counsel for Province of Manitoba 1900, aided in the drafting of the Manitoba Liquor Act.
  • First president of the Canadian Bar Association 1914-29 and President of the Manitoba Bar Association.
  • Director of Manitoba Agricultural College.
  • Elected as Conservative MP for Brandon 1911 but resigned to lead the provincial Conservative party in the election of 1915 when his party was defeated.
  • Widely credited as a brilliant and witty speaker, he was also said to be one of the province’s finest marksmen.
  • Knighted in 1914.