The Governor General’s Outstanding Indigenous Leadership Awards on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at an Award Ceremony at Government House. The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers was presented to: Mr. Michael P. Belhumeur, Ms. Lucille Bruce, Dr. David Chartrand, Mr. Philip Chiappetta, Mr. Jim Corman and Mrs. Hazel Corman, Mr. Greg Shedden, and Mr. Harold Westdal (Kristin Westdal accepted on behalf of her father). The Meritorious Service Decoration was presented to: Mr. Mitch Bourbonnière, Mr. Michael Redhead Champagne, Mr. James Favel, Mr. Larry Morrissette (Robert James Morrissette accepted on behalf of his late father), Ms. Althea Guiboche, Mr. Ry Moran, and Ms. Diane Roussin.