Remarks by
The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.
Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Room 200, Manitoba Legislative Building
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – 4:30 p.m.

Educators, hosts, advocates for and friends of students; members and friends of the Manitoba Council for International Education – it’s a pleasure to welcome you to this annual celebration of learning without borders.

We are gathered on Treaty One land, on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and the homeland of the Metis people.

We are meeting in the heart of North America, in a place where there is a long tradition of communities coming together to share ideas and languages and discoveries.

Today, as we celebrate International Education Week, we can count many of the ways international students benefit our province. We can tally up the economic benefit of international students’ tuition and living expenditures. We can add up the jobs they support in the 28 member institutions in the Manitoba Council for International Education.

But of course there is much more than that.

International students connect the classrooms of Manitoba to more than 100 nations. They broaden the understanding and experience of their fellow students. Some remain in Manitoba and enhance our province with their knowledge and their energy. Others return to their home countries and act as goodwill ambassadors for the province and nation that was their temporary home.

It may be true that, as Bono famously said: “The world needs more Canada.”

But it’s equally true that Canada needs more of the world.

Our continued economic and cultural vitality requires that we be connected to the world at large – through education, research, trade, the arts and people-to-people contact.

All of those who support international education – as educators or administrators or hosts – contribute to this important building of bridges to other nations and cultures. And of course, those students who have chosen to study here in Manitoba build those bridges every day.

Thank you, may you continue to bring the world together through learning. Merci. Meegwich.