Remarks by
The Honourable Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M.
Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Metropolitan Entertainment Centre
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.

Friends, Manitobans, dreamers, builders and problem solvers – welcome to this celebration of know-how, curiosity and hard work.

We are gathered here on Treaty One territory, on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe and the homeland of the Métis people.

We are gathered in a city and province shaped by the systematic application of knowledge to daunting challenges.

We live in a city made possible by engineering. It took engineers to come up with a way to build a railroad across the world’s second largest country. It took engineers to find a way of providing that city with clean drinking water. It took more engineers to build a system of channels and structures to keep that city from being flooded every so often.

So here in the heart of Winnipeg is the ideal place to celebrate engineers and engineering.

Engineers come in for a fair amount of ribbing for their approach to life and work. There’s no shortage of jokes – often told by engineers themselves – about those dispassionate men and women with their calculators and their flowcharts.

You know the ones I mean: “An optimist says the glass is half full. A pessimist says the glass is half empty. An engineer says the glass is twice as large as it needs to be.”

But the truth at the heart of the jokes is that engineering is a profession that applies reason and rigour to solve complex problems. And in a world growing more complex every day, engineers show their value every day.

Tonight we will recognize the accomplishments of Manitoba’s consulting engineers. We’ll look at their contributions in fields as diverse as buildings, infrastructure and transportation, environment, energy and resource development, municipal and water technology and industrial developments.

We’ll recognize the contributions of Manitobans and Manitoba consulting engineering companies to the community and to their profession.

And in this year when we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation we will salute the can-do spirit that made Canada the nation it is today.

Congratulations to all of those recognized tonight and to all of you who help to build and sustain our country and our province.

Thank you. Merci. Meegwich.