Frequently asked questions regarding a Government House Event

The following questions and answers are intended to assist organizers who will be planning and attending functions at Government House.

Q: I have been asked to submit our organizations guest list one month in advance of the reception. In what format should I submit the guest list?

A: Please contact Lisa Vermette at 204-945-2753 regarding the proper Excel format for submitting your guest list to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

Q: Who can the organizer discuss concerns or ask questions regarding their function?

A: The lead aide assigned to the reception will be in contact with the organizer well in advance of the event. At this time any questions or concerns can be addressed by the lead aide who will review the plans with the organizer to determine that proper protocol is being followed.

Q: How do guests address the Lieutenant Governor and her husband?

A: The Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Janice C. Filmon and The Honourable Gary A. Filmon are addressed as Your Honour individually or when together as Your Honours.

Q: Can guests park in the driveway at Government House?

A: Guests may park their vehicles on either side of the driveway ensuring that other vehicles have adequate room to maneuver.

Q: When should the key organizer(s) arrive for a function scheduled at Government House?

A: The key organizer and other organizers are expected to arrive for functions at Government House approximately 20 minutes before the start of the function. This will allow them time to meet with the lead aide and other organizers to finalize plans and to ensure any awards, certificates, medals etc. are properly set out in the Ballroom.

Q: When should invited guests arrive for functions at Government House?

A: Invited guests should arrive for functions no sooner than 15 minutes before the start of the function. The guests will be invited into the Manitoba Room to sign the guest book in advance of the ceremony where they will remain until they are introduced to Their Honours.

Q: My invitation states “Please present invitation”?

A: Yes, guests are required to present their invitation at the door.

Q: Can the media attend these functions?

A: Organizers of the function may arrange for the media to attend. The key organizer should advise the Lieutenant Governor’s office of this as well as the lead aide. A copy of any news release must be approved by the Lieutenant Governor’s office prior to distribution.

Q: Can guests take pictures in Government House?

A: Guests may take pictures while in Government House and should they request, Their Honours will pose for pictures with the guests. The dignity of the office must be considered with any photograph. Whenever group pictures are taken the Lieutenant Governor takes a position in the centre of the front row.

Q: Is there a handicapped entrance?

A: Yes, during receptions a security guard is available to assist at the west side entrance to Government House. Please advise the Lieutenant Governor’s office in advance if anyone will be needing assistance.