A Manitoba Heritage Legacy Project

A unique gift, titled “The Quantum Collection”, will be presented to Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon for display at Government House on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at a ceremony beginning at 5 p.m.

The Military Heritage of Manitoba group will present four bronze figurines of iconic individuals who represent the quantum advances of development in each of the four centuries of Manitoba’s recorded history and heritage.

The bronze art was created by Manitoba visual artist Erin Senko.

The Quantum Collection, is a project designed to stimulate the knowledge of and interest in the province’s history and combine this legacy through art to inspire Manitoba’s youth to understand and celebrate the significance of their heritage.

The display of each era of the 400-year achievements is depicted by an art collection of bronze figurines. Each piece is of one figure selected for each century. The bronze art work will be on permanent display at Government House in Winnipeg.

The figures are of:

  • Admiral Sir Thomas Button, representing the 17th century, for DISCOVERY;
  • David Thompson, representing the 18th century, for EXPLORATION;
  • Thomas Douglas, fifth earl of Selkirk, representing the 19th century, for SETTLEMENT; and
  • Sir William Stephenson, representing the 20th century, for COMMERCE.

“These four bronze sculptures will add to the story of Government House for many years to come. More importantly, they will help me and future occupants of this house to tell the story of this province,” said
Lt.-Gov. Filmon. “The depiction honours all those who contributed to the building of Manitoba and of Canada and whose efforts and accomplishments made an impact beyond the borders of our province.”